Day 20

Flight Attendant life can be so fun and exciting, but also just as blah and boring as this photo. Normally I would be sitting here drinking red wine, completely entertained with my phone. Mindlessly scrolling through social media like a Little social media Fairy dropping likes on everyone’s posts because, I’m a happy little drinker.

I’m still on my phone, but drinking water. Not quite as entertaining but I’ll be glad when I wake up tomorrow morning not hungover.

Random……. every night before bed I drink a big glass of water, and take two fish oil pills. I’ve always been a good sleeper and sleep good all through the night. Now with this sobriety thing, I guess my body is less dehydrated because now I wake up every night and have to pee….. anywhoooooo small price to pay, I guess.

So lately I’ve been feeling a little Arrogant. Like, I totally got this! No big deal, maybe there really wasn’t that big of a problem to begin with. The voices have seemed to dissipate. I worked a trip, no problem…… wellllll that’s because it was a slave trip and I worked 14 hours. No fun just work and sleep, but still.

Today’s work situation was a little different. Not working my normal position, just sitting in meetings all day. There’s people I don’t know and it’s a little uncomfortable. I know everyone is waiting for the day to end, and looking forward to dinner……..and ………… Drinks!!!!

I am sitting there Having conversations in my head with my therapist self…. I’m never going to fit in, everyone here will think I’m a freak, I’m not gonna be included in all the camaraderie, but I am FUN!!! I want to be included in that crowd, I want them to like me…….

All that drama in my head for nothing. As luck would have it, meetings ran long and everyone was too tired to meet up. So I escaped today. Maybe I dropped my sobriety ego a couple of pegs, which is a good thing.

I hope I find the confidence within myself to be able to enjoy social situations without alcohol.

Possibly a camping trip this weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever did that without drinking.

Possibly another Girl Scout badge for me!


4 thoughts on “Day 20

  1. Sometimes we all get too big for our britches. Lol! Sounds like you’re having a day like I did last week! You’re doing great tho, so don’t cut yourself short. One day at a time and you’ll soon be experiencing lots of “firsts” that you never thought you’d be able to do without a drink.
    Sending love!!! 🥰🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗

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  2. I love your idea of creating an event to see how it goes sober! My life is so busy and repetitious. I think this weekend I will take your idea and start simple, like maybe a movie with my husband. This will make me have some down time I need and we always drink when we watch movies so it will be new to watch a movie without alcohol! Thanks! 😊

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