Day 2.5


Because above all, I love life. I love my life. I want to live each day on my terms. Not hungover, and without guilt. I want to enjoy each moment that life presents to me. That does not need to include alcohol.

I am in awe of my body. I am in awe of its strengths. The limits inside of it. Limits that I have yet to find, and hope I never do. The joy and satisfaction I gain by pushing those limits, even just the tiniest bit.

If my body was my girlfriend, I don’t think “she” would be so in Awe of me. I miss treat her. I ingest poison inside of her, and expect her to continually show up with her best self. I take her for granted…. What if “she” didn’t show up anymore? That would be my greatest regret.

In hindsight of having a few drinks, its not worth it. There’s more guilt than there is good times. It brings anxiety, chaos, and laziness. I’m unfocused, and inattentive to my kids. It absolutely is not worth the hangover. They are getting worse and scarring me.

I desire to be…… a mother that is present. A person that is healthy, and fit. Someone that puts good, healthy things into her body. Someone that is happy, and have fun, and enjoy all of life moments in its purest.

Alcohol is a liar… I’m done with that Bitch


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