Day 19

I recently read the book The Alchemist. I absolutely loved it! The gist of it being, to follow your dreams and your hearts desire’s. I believe with everything in me that it’s important to listen to your hearts desires! However crazy, or unconventional it may be, you will always be better for it. Currently one of my hearts desires is to become sober. Every morning I write in my planner, I am sober, happy, and healthy. It’s a road I don’t necessarily understand, but I believe that because my heart desires it, I will be better for it.

I’m thankful for all of you here on this same journey, also listening to your own hearts desires.


6 thoughts on “Day 19

  1. Right on! I believe we all intuitively know down deep what is best for us. Bottom line, alcohol in its pure state is a poison! We just water it down to supposedly safe levels and make it taste good. Make…a….poison….taste….good….??? Right? 💜

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      1. Because there are so many other things that we would rather do — like drink! Having the strength to listen to and follow what we know down deep is the best thing for us has a lot to do with our level of emotional maturity and of course our upbringing and environment. We all have our “thorns in the flesh” and temptations…this is just common human nature.

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