Day I’m not sure!

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. To be honest my heart hasn’t been into it. My focus has been less, in the thick of it, but more so on the root of myself. Every single day my phone will send me a notification from my sober app, which I’ve been ignoring. I am completely surprised today to see I’ve reached a 5 week milestone.

At the very beginning of this journey I started reading The Naked Mind, by Annie Grace. (I haven’t finished yet) She talks about the power of our subconscious. For me personally that’s what I need to change. One of my last posts I did here, I talked about needing to take better care of my “inner me”.

I’ve been working on that a lot. I’m trying to stop believing the lies that seep into my subconscious. To acknowledge myself as not only who I want to be, but also start acting and believing to be the person that I know lives inside of me…….. Does that make sense?

Everyday in my planner I write a few things…….

~I am sober, happy, healthy, and I protect my inner child.~

I can thankfully say, I don’t feel that “witching hour” of anxiety that would usually come in the afternoons anymore. Not to say the thought of having a drink doesn’t come to mind.

Changing my mindset from I am sober day 5, day 17, or whatever day, to Simply changing the mindset that alcohol is NOT a part of me, is what’s working for me now.


13 thoughts on “Day I’m not sure!

      1. Yes same! It’s just so many little fields to fill out and decide upon for each event, and then don’t have a device on or near me when I need the reminders. Would be better to check the ol’ planner each day. Gonna learn it!! I bought a family one for the school year, started it last week. 💪🏆💃🏼👯‍♂️

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      2. Nice! You’re so organized, very inspiring…
        Thanks for your blog-related email notification btw… 💖meant a lot. I’m basically having some issues. 😭😉Sobriety all good though. Hope to have the blog back online soon.

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